Oscar Predictions 2018

Best picture : Will Win: The Shape of Water Should Win: The Shape of Water Best director Will Win: Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water) Should Win: Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water) Best actor Will Win: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) Should Win: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) Best actress Will Win: Frances McDormand (Three Billboards... Continue Reading →


A Review of the 2018 Oscar nominees

Here it is, my rating of the 9 nominees up for Best Picture tonight. 1. The Shape of Water 3. = Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 3. = The Darkest Hour 4. Lady Bird 5. The Post 6. Get Out 7. Call me by your name 8. Dunkirk 9. Phantom Thread Interestingly, my top 4... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Water

Guillermo Del Toro received unlucky 13th Oscar nomination for this beautiful film, will it end up lucky for some? The Shape of Water follows Elisa, a mute since birth in her seemingly mundane job as a night cleaner at a NASA research facility in Baltimore. Set amongst the backdrop of the Space Race the US' desperation to outdo... Continue Reading →


Fresh and lovable, Ladybird tells this coming of age story through a new scope in a moving way. The story follows Christine McPherson or as she refers to herself 'LadyBird'(Saoirse Ronan). She is on the cusp of becoming an adult and is a typical teenager. She wants to get away to the East Coast where... Continue Reading →


A clear example of how hype can create an anti-climatic viewing experience, Dunkirk was raved about by critics and viewers alike, but at the end of the day is it just a bit of an average joe war film? Dunkirk set in those tense days in 1940 when British troops were surrounded in every direction by... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Hour

You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs—Victory in spite of all terror—Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival. The Darkest hour covers the first few shaky weeks of Churchill's role as Prime Minister of Britain. The government have... Continue Reading →

Phantom Thread

After watching the trailer for this one I was far from excited to watch it. For the life of me, I can't think why it has been nominated. The only logical reason is to give DDL a good send off as he enters retirement, but as far as films go there are so many better ways... Continue Reading →

Call Me By Your Name

An adapted screenplay of the novel people can't put down. Call me by your Name succeeds in creating an important film about first love, a piece of cinematic art. The story follows that of young Italian boy Elio (Timothée Chalamet). Bored in the midst of an Italian summer he spends his days writing music and reading.... Continue Reading →

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